Item No. 5817
APN: 9312853058178
Notes Meet Gabby, a 12 year old girl and a cat enthusiast who wears a magical cat-ear headband. She has six trusty cat friends. Her best kitty friend is Pandy Paws as well as Cakey Cat, Baby Box Cat, Kitty Fairy, Mercat and Catrat. Together they shrink down to a miniature size to enter the magical Dollhouse where every visit sees new adventures, songs, problems to solve and of course cats! Why not don this delightful lenticular headpiece to see what magic you can create!
  • Headband with large felt 3D cat ears
  • Left ear features a lenticular design. The image moves from a pink ear to Gabby and Pandy Paws
  • Costume sold separately
  • This is an officially licensed Gabby's Dollhouse product